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2012 Hercolubus (Planet X) in The Seven Mayan Prophecies

2011 February 14

2012 and Hercolubus (Planet X) in The Seven Mayan Prophecies

The first prophecy tells us about the “time without time,” in it it has said that starting in 1999, the human being has to choose to make a change of attitude and conscience; to open its mind to integrate everything that exists. This will be a period of 20 years (a cycle that according to the Mayans started in 1992 and will end in 2012, a key date for the indefinite transformation), in which humanity will enter a process of great learning and change.

They also pronounced that seven years later, would start a period of darkness in which will face every individual will be faced with his own behavior. Humanity will enter the great room of mirrors; materialism will be left behind and will give way to liberation from suffering.

The second prophecy states that the answer to everything is within every individual, that its behavior determines its future. It confirms that beginning with the solar eclipse of the Aug. 11, 1999, the behavior of all humanity will change rapidly. They assure that starting after this eclipse, men would easily lose control of their emotions or will acknowledge their inner peace. It also indicates that the energy received from the center of the galaxy is causing an increase in the vibration of the planet and brain waves, altering their behavior, their way of thinking and feeling. This prophecy mentions two paths: one of comprehension and tolerance and another of fear and destruction. The path each will follow is chosen individually.

The third prophecy states that there will be a change in temperature, producing climactic, geological, and social changes in a magnitude without patterns and at an astonishing speed. One of them will be generated by man in its lack of conscience to care for and protect natural resources of the planet and the other generated by the sun, which will increase its activity due to the increase of vibrations.

The fourth prophecy points out that the anti-ecological conduct of man and the greater activity by the sun will cause a melting of ice in the poles. It will allow the Earth to clean itself and green itself again, producing changes in the physical composition of the continents of the planet. The Mayans left registers in the Dresden Codex that every 117 spins of Venus the sun suffers new alterations, and huge spots or solar wind eruptions appear.

The fifth prophecy says that all systems based on fear, on which this civilization is based, will suffer simultaneously with the planet and man will make a transformation to give way to a new harmonic reality. The systems will fail and man will face himself and in this a need to reorganize society and continue down the path of evolution that will bring him to understand creation. Only one common spiritual road for all humanity that will end all limits established among the many ways to look at God will emerge.

The sixth prophecy points out that in the next years a comet (Hercolubus / Planet X) will appear whose trajectory will endanger the existence of man. This culture considered comets as agents of change that came to put into movement the existing equilibrium, allowing the evolution of the collective conscience. For the Mayans God is the presence of life, has all shapes, and has infinite presence.

The seventh prophecy: In this prophecy, states that from the year 1999 and until 2002, the light emitted from the center of the galaxy synchronizes all living beings and allows them voluntarily access to an internal transformation that produces new realities. The Mayans mention that every individual has an opportunity to change and break its limitations, with it creating a new way of communicating through thought. It is predicted that limits will disappear, a new era of transparency and light will begin, the lie will end forever.

To read more about this mysterious long-orbit planetary body and its accompanying satellites that periodically returns into our inter solar system inducing powerful forces of change, request a free copy of- Hercolubus or Red Planet, click the book’s image.

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  1. wilma permalink
    September 9, 2011

    The Mayan people have never said 2012 is the end date of calendar.In fact i have just watched one of the Mayan people on you tube say them self’s that 2012 is not the end date,they do not even know the end date them selves because people have took advantage of it.

    • September 10, 2011

      Very true. No one knows the hour. However the empirical evidence clearly points to the fact we are well into transformation. The indigenous people of the earth agree. Heavenly signs and the earth are speaking loudly notwithstanding man’s geopolitical turmoil as well. I say- stay centered for maximum balance and to minimize the chaos.

  2. ERIC permalink
    February 26, 2011

    inbound=trumpets / outbound=bowls

    Did a person called Mother Shipton see into the future ?

    A fiery dragon will cross the sky
    Six times before this earth shall die

    Mankind will tremble and frightened be
    for the sixth heralds in this prophecy.
    For seven days and seven nights
    Man will watch this awesome sight.

    The tides will rise beyond their ken
    To bite away the shores and then
    The mountains will begin to roar
    And earthquakes split the plain to shore.

    And flooding waters, rushing in
    Will flood the lands with such a din
    That mankind cowers in muddy fen
    And snarls about his fellow men.

    NIBIRU (TYCHE) PLANET X Admitted by Scientists – NASA shuts down Space Telescope ‘WISE’!!
    NASA WISE Telescope shows a Giant Planet next to the Solar System. February 13, 2011. NASA confirms that is tracking Hercolubus, at the moment scientists call it as Tyche. The NASA Wide-field Infrared Survey Explorer (WISE) telescope is showing a giant planet next to the Solar System. Tyche (Hercolubus) is 4 times bigger than Jupiter and orbit at the outer edge of the Solar System.Scientists are just analyzing the data gathered by a NASA space telescope WISE, it shows a giant planet up to four times the mass of Jupiter lurking in the outer Oort Cloud, the most remote region of the solar system. The orbit of Tyche (Hercolubus) would be 15,000 times farther from the Sun than the Earth’s, and 375 times farther than Pluto’s.

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